My Life In A Chair

A window into my journey living with spinal cord injury.

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  • Hot Sauce and Orange Pip
    Many of us have asked or been ased “what we are most looking forward to returning to after the pandemic”. I think I actually finally have a good, non cjiché answer. This is about to get random.
  • Don’t Give Up On Tomorrow Because Of Today’s Struggles
    Sometimes the best parts of you can only be seen by those who love you. Don’t shut them out, You’ll be surprised what they have to show you.
  • 2020: The Year Of Lemons
    We’ve all been given lemons in the last year, and the lemonade hasn’t been easy to make. But believe me, you’ve already made more than you think, and keep making more everyday. Don’t stop.
  • A Very Odd Christmas
    2020, the year when nothing went as expected. Not even Christmas.
  • Your Inner Strength
    Your inner strength is hardest to see when you most need it. But don’t doubt yourself, it’s there.
  • Lessons From Lockdown
    2020 has opened my eyes to so many things, good and bad, regarding all facets of life. These are three I feel are the most positive to share.
  • Living In Care: An Abridged Version
    A not so short summary of my experience living in care so far.
  • Happiness Doesn’t Mean Easy
    Happiness, like most good things, doesn’t come easy. It takes work and resilience and is ours for the taking.
  • Lourdes 2018
    My long overdue account of my trip to Lourdes, France in 2018. An honestly life changing experience I cannot wait to have again.
  • Waking Up in The Apocalypse
    A few months ago I became confined to my bed and in the months since the world was turned upside down. Last week I got a glimpse for myself.