Musings: Love Is An Enigma

Love is an enigma… or at least that’s how it seems to most people. It’s sad that something so beautiful, strong and so abundant in all of us can cause so much pain just because we don’t let it all out. We all have the power to create joy and happiness from nothing just by expressing love, and at no cost to ourselves. There are too many facebook statuses, tweets and photos expressing pain due to a lack of love. Too many tears, shattered self-esteems and broken hearts caused from exploiting the love from others. And this is just a fraction of problems caused by us not loving one another.
All we need is to spread the love we all have in us indiscriminately (and yes there’s more than enough to go around) and we begin to eliminate most of our problems… one… by… one.
Sounds like a tough ask? Fair enough, start with this. Love yourself. If truly you love yourself, you become immune to those who, for whatever reason, may not love you. And, you then see all the excess love you have for others.
I’ve typed “love” a whole lot here. I’m gonna stop now.

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