For A Friend

Life is short,

Too short not to be lived,
Too short not too be shared,
A gift to be grateful for,
Deserving of our utmost care.

Life is precious,

Not easily made,
Very quickly lost,
So to extra years we look to upgrade,
But all in all at what cost.

Life is our most precious possession,

And in this moment you have it,
So make the best of it,
Focus not on how different it should be,
But on how amazing it could be,

Life is ours to live

Because if you are reading this,
Their is life in our hands,
Your life to be precise,
So you decide,

Are you alive?

You may draw breadth,
And still be a walking dead,
Do you look for joy everywhere,
Or accept to be boring and bare.

I am alive,

Both in breadth and in joy,
My heart beats with drums of love,
And my joy, love and life are shared,
As I am strongest when my heart touches yours.

My life is what I make it

A lesson not easily learned,
But joyful hearts are infectious,
And as joyful hearts taught and teach me,
May my gentle heart touch and teach yours.

This poem is dedicated to one such joyful heart. One that taught me the value of my life and pushed me even further to make it worth living just as he did in his life. Your legacy lives forever in us and now your soul watches over us.

We will always love you, always miss you.
Thank you Richard. You blessed us all. Thank you Richard.

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