Where I’ve Been (Feb/Mar 2016)

It’s been well over a month since my last post. I know most of you have been worried sick 🙂 … or not even noticed I left the room -_- . Either way, I haven’t forgotten you, far from it in fact. If I remember correctly I even put up a post on some social media a few days before Valentines promising new posts.. and I wasn’t pulling your legs. I had two posts hot off the presses and ready to go, with more planned for the coming weeks. And all was set to go… then reality hit. Long story short, I ended up in hospital again. The annoying thing is I wasn’t even ill enough to be even remotely worried, but thanks to my beautiful condition, everyone had to be extra EXTRA careful. Which I appreciate: the ladies and gentlemen of The James Cook Spinal Injuries Unit are angels among us and have probably saved my life more times than I can remember… BUT… I’ve been bouncing in and outta there for the best part of 6 weeks (not impressed). And as I write this, my awesome doctor has just informed me I’ll be discharged in a couple days (awesome right?… wrong!) I’m likely gonna be spending my first couple weeks of freedom in bed which is most likely where I’ll be when this goes live. “2-3 weeks in bed” he casually said. 2-3 weeks? IN BED? Deep breaths Ify, deep breaths, boredom doesn’t actually kill (I think), you can get through this. And then it hit me, I’ll just spam you all on my blog. I knew there was a reason I love you guys.

So without further ado, enough about hospital let’s get to the fun stuff. My next few posts are gonna be a combination of: my adventures in the last six weeks; old posts I didn’t get a chance to put up; and anything new that pops into my head. I’ll try and link them all below. Happy reading. 😀

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly Ify and wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to reading the new blogs!

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