St Benet Biscops: An intellectual conversation with students half my age.

As explained earlier, my health hadn’t been on top form for some weeks now. I was in hospital twice for two very different and coincidental reasons. Fortunately I did get to go home for a week between admissions. It was the week beginning the 22nd of February, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I had been invited to a school to talk to kids ranging from 11 – 13 years of age. I’d never done it before, was a nervous wreck and wasn’t yet at 100% health. But I still wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

It was worth every second.

These kids got me talking about things I hardly ever think of. They asked questions some of my closest friends wouldn’t have the guts to. I never thought I’d find such mental stimulation from children literally half my age. I was in my element.

The school in question, St Benet Biscops Catholic Academy , is in Newcastle, just over an hours journey from my humble abode. So I got up early, went through my notes, set off with time to spare, got stuck in traffic and arrived 30 minutes late. -_- . Life right? Nevertheless, the staff were more than accommodating. I was introduced to a few of the “who’s who’s”, and got shown to what would be my class for the day. And then the wonders began.

The kids filed in, clearly more nervous than I was. And once seated, I began my unrehearsed opening monologue. Now all four 1 hour sessions began pretty much the same way and that’s honestly how I remember them. The first session was a group of Year 7’s and then three sessions with Year 9’s.
So my “opening monologue” was a brief summary of who I was Pre-injury, how the accident happened and my life Post-injury: time in hospital till now. I kept it brief so they’d have more time to ask questions. They did not disappoint. I got asked everything from my favourite basketball team to what was most difficult in my life Post-injury. I got asked how I felt straight after the accident, what physically hurt the most, how people’s perception of me changed and how I handled it. I even got asked how my life goals have changed compared to Pre-injury. I mean, these kids were making me reflect on aspects of my life I didn’t know existed. After each session I found myself assessing major life decisions and perspectives, and these guys were just casually bombarding me with Piers Morgan/Oprah Winfrey/Larry King style questions before they moved on to P.E or lunch break or something of the sort. I still can’t get over how intuitive the kids were, especially with the questions that were informed by things I’d said earlier. One girl asked if I missed home (Nigeria) and planned to go back. One of the simplest and most complicated answers I had to squeeze into coherent sentences.Obviously I played it cool like this was all an everyday thing for me, but I definitely left the school that day more enlightened and yet curious about the experiences I had perviously thought I was so familiar with.

I’ll definitely be returning as soon as they’ll have me, and I’ll surely be talking to school kids more often in the future.

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Well hey there! If you're reading this then I'm assuming you want to know a bit about me. If I'm right YOU'RE IN LUCK!, if not then... well... I think you're lost. So without further ado, here goes. My full name's Ifeanyi Nwokoro, or Ify for short. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and now live in the north-east of England. Like many I know, I moved here for Higher Education and have now settled here. It's a peaceful existence which I very much appreciate. And that's the basics of me. A few other key things you should probably know though: I was involved in a car accident in 2010 that left me "clinically" paralysed from the shoulders down. It's been a bit of a struggle but now in my mid-20's, I am very happy with the stability in every aspect of my life. So yes, I will be talking about my disability on here... a lot. Most of my topics will Revolve around things most important to me: family, good health, football, movies, animation, everything superhero related, care, everything vegetarian/pescatarian and of course, my physical condition. I love engaging conversation, welcome constructive criticism and am always open to suggestion So feel free to get in touch. ;)

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  1. Nice! Very interesting read… children of nowadays! lol. I wonder if nigerian kids would have asked these types of questions. Not even kids, but even senior secondary school folks. I just feel like there’s a level of curiosity and enlightenment lacking in the nigerian education sector…whether you go to a public or private school!

  2. Brilliant. I remember my first talk to school children. I too was terribly nervous and like you I found the experience very rewarding – they asked some real curved ball questions!

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