2017 Part 1: Reunions

Ok, I’ve left this post long enough. Finally shaken off the Christmas holiday blues, and boy was Christmas good. This is my bookend to 2017. A brilliant end to an eventful year (and a much MUCH better year than 2016). In fact, part of the reason I’ve taken so long to write and post this is a part of me  didn’t want to say goodbye to 2017.

I experienced, achieved and learned so much but the highlights, by a mile can be put under three categories.

The people I reconnected with

To say there were a few people I was glad to get back in touch with would be a gross understatement: from ex-girlfriends to former housemates and even some of my beloved former carers. My school year even had a 10 year reunion which even though I wasn’t able to attend, the correspondence between everyone was beyond worth it and long overdue. I’m almost 30 but it’s still weird seeing my friends pioneering unique businesses, having kids, getting married. Basically everything that makes it progressively harder to deny I’m now a grown up.

And speaking of marriages, I did attend a reunion of sorts with some friends from university in the form of one of their weddings. Oh that was such a good night. I really don’t get out as much as I probably should, purely because I tend to over think everything outside my standard daily routine. Well all my concerns went out the window that night. Surrounded by some the best humans I have the pleasure of knowing, I was making ridiculous shapes on the dance floor to the cheesiest songs ever, flirting with strangers, getting emotional at the beautiful union of one of the most awesome couples I know, and all without tasting a drop of alcohol. It was like I was reliving a memory from before the accident and I loved it. So much joy.

At my friends wedding: Can’t believe I went to Uni with such an awesome bunch. Love you guys.


Then there was the reunion that brought back tears; thankfully not sad tears. The experience was just unexpectedly more emotional than I anticipated I could handle. And yet I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I got to meet the paramedics from the Great North Air Ambulance who airlifted me from the crash site to the hospital within minutes essentially saving my life that day in 2010.

Visit to The Great North Air Ambulance

I was so excited to meet the team and then Colin Clark, one of the paramedics who physically attended to me that day walked in and I froze. I literally couldn’t get a word out of my mouth. My mind went blank, my heart was pounding with a mixture of gratitude, painful memories, joy, confusion, admiration… bottom line, I was overwhelmed. I was finally able to talk and ask some questions about that day, how the whole operation runs etc. And with each answer I had to fight back the tears even harder, only letting them run discreetly down my face on the car journey home. I couldn’t be more grateful for the service provided. I was baffled to find out how small the whole operation is and how dependent they are on donations. You’d think a service this crucial would be better funded. But I’m glad everyday people like us can help keep people like Colin doing the awesome work they do. Funny thing was I don’t really  remember Colin from that day but he remembers me. I do remember Dr. Rachel Dawes, the other member of the team from that day who attended directly to me but happened to be unavailable when I visited. I actually remember talking to her while on the stretcher. She helped calm me down amidst all the chaos even slipping in a joke or two.  Lord knows how I would’ve reacted if she had been in. I highly doubt I would’ve been able to hold back the tears or even get a single word out. Well there’ll be time for that. I plan to visit again and hopefully not be too taken aback to have the conversation I wish I’d had. I didn’t realise I still felt that strongly about the events of April 18 2010 after almost eight years living and adjusting to life post-injury. Just goes to show how little we can think we know about ourselves while believing we fully understand ourselves.

Colin explaining how things went down that day.


So I  mentioned there were two other highlights for 2017. The second one… well… honestly the second one deserves its own post. Guess you’ll have to check back in next week 😀 …

Ok, a little teaser. It involves me winning the lottery 😮


Just kidding. That’s just wishful thinking. But it does involve something that makes me as happy as if I were to win the lottery. And I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

So till next time, stay blessed.

P.S, If you’d like to know how you can support the good work of The Great North Air Ambulance, click here.

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